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Please note, I haven’t had time to maintain the themes for years, and they’re very well outdated now.  You could probably easily patch them up to work with the latest versions of Moodle, but, in some cases (esp. with Université) it might be best to start from scratch.  Hopefully I’ll get back to Moodle theme DEV in the next year or so. Take care. R

You might come to this blog looking for my moodle theme designs, Créatif or Université.  You can find info and help for the themes here, but the files now live at, see below for the links.

The original blog posts about the themes, which have instructions, and the new download links are as follows:


I’ve submitted both the themes at, and they’re pending review before release.  So, you should be able to download the themes there very soon : )

Updates – now available for Moodle 2.1

I finally just finished, checked everything over in all the browsers and I think I’ve got all the bugs covered for Moodle 2.1.  Funnily enough, I don’t think there was really anything going wrong in the Créatif theme, but Université had tons of problems, all of which are fixed (that I could find anyway).

Here’s a summary of the changes for the Université theme:

  • Colour problem with dock titles, fixed.
  • YUI3 tabs were putting tabs in the wrong order, this is fixed – I actually just removed YUI3 tabs from the theme and used the theme’s colour settings to skin tabs, so they match better now anyway.
  • Tidied up and fixed a heap of bugs in the display of the course boxes – they’re the boxes where courses are listed on the moodle home and when you search for stuff – they’re layed out nice and clear without a problem now.
  • Removed a bunch of not-needed commented out code :s… dunno why I left it there anyway.
  • Lots of little minor adjustments.
  • Skinned the Main Menu a little more so it uses the colours specified in the theme settings.  I also repositioned it so it actually looks nicer and more proper.
  • Mobile detection: I also did some quick n dirty mobile detection, and this may or may not go down good, I’m not sure.  It basically reshuffles the whole layout client-side; like in my previous post about making the themes a little smarter.  I realise Moodle 2.1 has some fancy mobile detection enhancements (understatement), but I don’t have time to suss them out properly so this is an interim solution just to make the viewing of Moodle via a mobile a little better/easier on the user.
  • Included in the mobile detection was some iPhone/iPad/iPod home screen icons – so if you bookmark Moodle to your home screen’s you get a nice Moodle icon.
So.. where to from here?
  • About to begin on a new version of Université, called Université2012 which will do away with the jQuery skinning aspect and have every little colour detail customisable from the theme settings – which means much less javascript as well.. it’ll also include a couple of other features and hopefully mobile-friendly CSS.
  • Files will still need a new home, as per the details below.. not sure when I’ll shut them down at this point.

Change the logo in the themes?

I noticed a lot of hits from people searching on how to change the logo, especially in the Université theme; so, I thought I’d recap right here as well.  To update the logo, all you need to do is replace the logo.png file in the images directory of the theme, with your own logo.png file! That’s it : )


20 responses

5 11 2011
Ali Poursanati

Hi, i cannot download your theme, it says that your account is inactive, please check the link, thanks for advance

7 11 2011

Hey Ali!

There seems to be some delay with the theme being kept on I’m not sure how long it takes them (forever it seems) but they have to manually approve every upload, so it still says pending when I log in..

Nothing I can do to speed it up : /
Check again soon?


10 11 2011
créatif (ver 1) – a theme for Moodle 2 « rolley

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10 11 2011
A moodle 2 theme, Université « rolley

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11 12 2011
Ali Poursanati

Hi Rolley,
thanks for your sharp reply, however it is very kind of you if you can email the theme, because I need it urgently.
thanks in advanced

24 01 2012

Sorry Ali, I’ve been away from my blog for ages, did you get the ZIP you needed?

20 01 2012
Marion Hartmann

Is there a chance, that you update your skin for Moodle 2.3? We updated moodle yesterday and noticed, that the université skin don’t work anymore 😦

24 01 2012

Woho, just fixed it.. bloody YUI3 is a pain in the arse that’s for sure. YUI anything is a pain! hahaha.
I’ll upload the new ZIP in to shortly.

20 01 2012
Marion Hartmann

Sorry, we updated to moodle 2.2+ !!

24 01 2012
Marion Hartmann

Thanlk you so much, Rolley!

2 02 2012

Hi is it possible to get the PSD file?

16 03 2012

All good Alex, just sent it to ya, sorry for the delay! R

14 03 2012

Hi Rolley,

I like to use different backgrounds within courses and therefore duplicated the theme folder. After selecting the copy-theme in the course settings the copy-theme did not use the new background images which I placed in the folder ‘pix’.
I assume that the theme still refers to the original theme.
How can I achieve that the correct background images will be displayed?

Furthermore the copy-theme is presented with the same name ‘creatif’ in the selection dropdown. Even after renaming the theme folder.


16 03 2012

GDay Jan ; )
Yeah that sounds fairly typical with what would happen I think. See, when you duplicated the theme you also needed to change some settings in the PHP files because Moodle reads them looking for things like the theme name and possible other bits of info. It’s been a long time now since I’ve had time to look at the themes, so, my initial thought would be to look at config.php for any references to creatif, then, rename that to the same as your new directory name.. maybe do a search on the rest of the php files too! and i think that should, hopefully, do the trick?
: )

15 03 2012
Belinda Caulfield

Hi Rolley, I could not find the photoshop file in the pix area, would you be able to email it to me as we love your theme and would like to incorporate some images of our local area and college. I am learning to use Photoshop and have tried to add some overlays to the images but they do not have the same effect as yours.

Kind regards,

Belinda Caulfield

16 03 2012

Cool! just sent it to ya!

28 05 2012
Marko Always-Online

need the same thing thing, is it posible to get it?


9 08 2012
James Harcombe

Hi Rolley.

By far the smoothest looking theme for moodle. Looks fantastic. Can I also request the psd file so we can switch in a couple of different pictures as we are in the same boat as Belinda and just can’t get it to look as sexy as yours 🙂

Many thanks


10 12 2012

Hi Rolley

We have been happy to use your Creatif theme, but would like to know if this theme will be maintained. We are in the process of updating to 2.4+ and have noticed some design issues.

I can supply you with a list, but you might be busy with other projects and I think you already have been contributing a lot.

Best Regards
Chester Folming

15 08 2013

GDay Chester,
Sorry mate for the late late late reply.. wow, nearly a year. I hope you found a suitable solution for the theme or perhaps a better working theme? As you guessed, I haven’t been able to maintain the themes at all.. bit bummed about it .. but oh well… life got too busy! Thanks for offering to help with a bug list, but I think when I do get back to Moodle theme Dev I’ll start from scratch with new themes 🙂
I’ll post here if I ever get around to it haha.
Cheers, all the best

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