About Me

Study and Work Background

I studied multimedia design from 2001 – 2004 and began working in the industry before I graduated.  Since 2001 I’ve been a freelance designer, but I’ve also worked as a lead designer at a design studio for two years. In 2005 I left the private sector, and started working at an educational institution.

Over the last few years I’ve had varying roles at the University, all of which relate to multimedia in some form.  My main interest at work is to design, be creative, invent better ways to do things, solve problems, and … have fun I suppose!

Work History

– Since 2001: Freelance Multimedia Designer.
– 2 Years: Contract Multimedia Tutor, Marker, Designer (CQU).
– 2 Years: Lead Multimedia Designer (FMSTUDIOS).
– Since 2005: Multimedia Designer (CQU).

Personal Interests

I like a lot of things, if you’re interested to find out visit my personal blog, which has nothing to do with work at all.

13 responses

1 11 2010

I found a trigger to the last shot. I have a very long text in the description-area of the startpage. The second entry in the course-list seems to arrange directly under the text on the right (which you cannot see in the shot).

BTW: Is there a better way to send you comments? I don’t want to spam your blog. Sorry.

2 01 2011
Mike Stapleton

Nice job on the Moodle theme. I have been searching for quite awhile. If interested you can see yours in action at http://tutorials.contractorcatalyst.com. (The site is new. I will begin moving course material from other sources over to this Moodle site soon. )

Thanks for putting it out there.


6 01 2011

Thanks Mike! Glad you like it!

18 01 2011

Very nice job on your Moodle work. Are you still doing freelance work?

25 01 2011

hey ideaz! yeah i am sort of, i stay pretty quite, lay low if ya catch my drift. life is busy with 3 kids so I rarely take on freelance work…. but sometimes 🙂

26 01 2011

I would like to discuss Moodle with you some more. Can you email at kevinrholland at hotmail.

5 07 2011
Jonathan Pitzer

I am using the universite theme on a test site. However, I need to change the colors from the time I first used it. There are some contrast problems. How can I find the color pickers page that origionally loaded up

6 07 2011

Gday Jonathan,

To change the colours for the header, links and a few other things, you can do it with the settings area I made for the theme, so in your admin block under the appearance area, there’s two menu links, one for selecting themes, and one for theme settings.. go to the theme settings one when you’ve got Université turned on.

Did you also put new jqueryUI theme files in as well? If so you’ll need to redo that part using the themeroller etc..

You know though, might be just as easy to just erase the theme files and replace them with a fresh copy if you want the original colours? : )

6 07 2011

also; for theme-related comments pop the comments on those posts rather than here incase anyone else has similar questions ; ) thanks a ton! : D

29 10 2011
Richard Mose

Hi there,
I’m up in the frozen north (well, not frozen yet, but any day soon) in Stockholm. Experimenting with Moodle and love your creatif theme. Any chance of you sending a zip file to
rem at iglu.se
or, if not send me an email and I’ll send you some ftp details.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,


31 10 2011

Hey mate,
you’ll be able to download the theme in the next couple of days from Moodle.org, I have no where to store the files anymore, and I’ve just put it in moodle.org for review then official release : )



4 01 2012

hai there

any idea how can i download your moodle theme.. i try from moodle website but can’t

24 01 2012

Hey Mate, it’s definitely available for download from moodle.org. Check out the plugins area in the menu, then go to themes, and search for them there : )

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