Problems with Second Life recording

21 04 2008

We’re nearly finished the Machinima we’re doing in Second Life – today we were supposed to record the final scenes, but we had a handful of problems.

The first problem, was that our recordings played back at around twice the speed that they should have! So you can imagine what that looked like, absurd!! We tried a number of things, nothing of which seemed to help:

  • Tried several different recording codecs
  • Tried varying all of the recording options; Key frames etc
  • Tried adjusting the visual settings (reduce the graphics quality incase the frames weren’t synching properly)
  • Tried restarting the client; then tried restarting the computer

The scene involved several people having afternoon drinks, each avatar had a wine glass with a drinking animation. We thought perhaps all of the avatar animation was playing a part so we took the wine glasses away and that seemed to fix the problem. To compromise we’ve left 2 of the 7 avatars with glasses, and we’ve put in some little tables to sit static glasses on.

So it seems that all of the avatar animation was causing the client to loose frames when recording (it couldn’t keep up).. so when we played back the video it was way too fast.

The second problem, which we haven’t managed to solve completely; is that we’re finding the light on the avatars is flicking between brighter and darker when the camera moves in and away from the avatars. While not major this is really annoying and it looks very dodgy at certain times of day/night. We’ve experimented putting some lights closer to all the avatars, and making sure the fall off distance isn’t less than the camera distance – this seemed to help a little when coupled with fiddling with the environment time. The flicker still happens but it’s not as noticeable now.

So, after a dismal day we will continue in the morning and hopefully these problems will be all ironed out.




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