Shortcuts for the Word template styles not working

1 04 2008

Word has been doing some crazy things with the keyboard shortcuts for the styles. I’ve set the keyboard shortcuts up at least 3 times now, and it keeps clearing them in a seemingly random way. One day the style shortcuts are there, then the next they’re all GONE! So.. you reset them… save the template.. and it’s good for another day or two but then they just vanish again!

It’s quite frustrating and so far I haven’t found out why it’s happening.. I’ll have to look in to it more but time is scarce.

So at this point, we’ll have to do without the keyboard shortcuts.. which is a real shame because it makes the workflow … flow! I’ll post a solution if I ever find one!




One response

1 04 2008

I’ve just tried setting up the shortcuts a different way: managing them through the: Word Options -> Customise -> keyboard shortcuts: customise > Styles section instead of applying the shortcuts to the styles from the styles bar. We’ll see if it works any better.

Already I can see that once the DOTX is converted to a DOT (for my mac) that ALL of the shortcuts once again vanish.. I wonder how they’ll go in the DOTX format on the PC in office 2007… we’ll have to wait and see now!

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