Update on the Second Life Island

5 03 2008

Machinima 1 is now complete and we’re working on Machinima 2 already!  We’ll soon be making the Machinima 1 viewable in-world at Hird and Co’s office meeting room, and I’m sure we’ll follow through and do that for Machinima 2 when it’s complete.

The next step for the island will be to make it more of an interactive environment.  We’ll be picking up the books on Second Life scripting and getting stuck in to it.  Currently it’s just an island with a few buildings and things around, there’s no information what-so-ever about what we’re doing or what’s what!

The first task on the list will be to present visitors with a clickable teleport system, which takes the users to various points of interest on the island.  For example, if someone wants to see what we’re doing with the auditing machinima, they can click the sign, teleport to a viewing platform overlooking the entire set.  On this platform they’ll find various bits of information (like where to find the Machinima video in Hird & Co’s office) and so on.  I’ll also work on doing up some graphical icons to use as in-world identifiers for help or information (icons which of course will match all of our current work with the In-Design based study guides (last post)).

We’ll post info on the progress of the teleporting system, as well as any other cool things we’re doing as we go along!




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