We’re really getting somewhere!

12 02 2008

The machinima is going great – we’ve finished all the shooting for the entire machinima, and have also decided to do another machinima just in time for T1. The only stuff that remains for machinima 1 is the video recording, and editing in iMovie (easy!). I’ll post a blog note when we’re almost finished and put up a url for viewing.

We’re going to try something new and fun with machinima 2 – a video within a video. We’ll need to create a scene that replicates a business meeting with a projector screen; basically we’ll be adding some video created with camtasia to an in-world screen, which will play the video upon the command of an avatar. So, there’ll be no need for adding in the camtasia footage separately post-production, it’ll all be done swiftly within the second life space – and it should look much more impressive!

All of the recent work on the project is running really smoothly and we’re all very happy with the result so far, it’ll be rewarding to see it up and going once it’s complete.




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