Textures and Objects

29 01 2008

The tools for content creation (discussed last post) made creating content fairly easy, so there’s not really an issue for “how”; Textures and objects were a little different however.

Our problem was, we needed to have at least 4 locations, or “sets” to produce the scenes of our machinima – but what were we going to create the sets with?  Sure you can create structures from scratch, but one, that’s more time consuming, and two, then you might also need to create your own textures if you go this way.

Second life comes with some textures in your avatar library, but lets face it there’s not much there and more often then not you need something more specific.  There’s also the other negative aspect that each texture you upload costs you money!  No refunds if you make a mistake with your texture either.

There’s lots of options of course, you can just buy (yes BUY as in pay for) pre-made objects from sites like SL Exchange.  Or if you’re lucky you’ll find some free ones.

Luckily there are also some locations that offer completely free objects / textures and much more.  This was really great for us, and it turns out that most of the sets on our island are created using objects from places like this freebie store. There’s also other resources out there in SL worth checking out; this Design Center is a very nice showcase and also has some tips and tricks for authoring in SL.  For a tutorial on texturing and more, here’s another good one, an in world texture tutorial. </p




One response

30 01 2008

So you want to do good machinima with totally free content? Good luck with that 🙂

If you really want to pinch pennies then use large texture sheets and save on upload costs. Did you intend to employ actors? Most of them won’t work for free either.

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